Mirror of My Heart

By Rainbow Award Winner Laura Weyr

When the happily ever after isn’t the one you expect.

Once upon a time, a spoiled princess met her youthful new stepmother, a woman as cold as she was beautiful…or so she seemed.

Once upon a time, a queen burdened a girl with harsh tasks, yet never heavier than she could bear…and so a princess became strong and wise.

Once upon a time, in the midst of loneliness, two hearts touched love…until a king returned from war to find his daughter grown into the very likeness of her dead mother.

Now fled to the forest, her beloved a prisoner, can Snow White win her happily ever after?

"A sexy sapphic Snow White retelling."
Lorelei Esther, Hugo Finalist

“A refreshing reinvention of a timeless classic…with a juicy forbidden fruit romance.”
Robin Rose Graves, The Book Wormhole

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